Where purpose meets process.

Partnering with an Association Management Company like IMN frees you up to focus on your organization’s future, not the daily details.

We have the strategic eye to help you deliver unprecedented value and diversify revenue streams, the precision to tackle the time-consuming details, and the buying power to leverage professional partnerships that create magnet events. At IMN Solutions, we discover hidden opportunities and protect you from liabilities you didn’t even know you had, so your organization can focus on future goals and initiatives, without the stress and minutiae of daily operations weighing you down. IMN brings the processes, experience and expertise behind successful associations, professional societies, and nonprofit organizations. From financial and accounting services to event planning and governance, we keep the organization on track so you can devote your attention to engaging with volunteer leaders and defining its strategic future. We help you serve your community with more transparency, accountability, and expert guidance.

When your organization has growth goals, an AMC gives you both the structure and flexibility to operate with agility, speed, and the accountability your constituents expect. When you bring great ideas to the table, we bring the team and skillsets to execute and implement. Whether you need financial services, full-service marketing, strategic planning, membership development, or operations management—we help you expand your capacity efficiently from day 1.

IMN’s customized AMC models help you define the scope and services that enhance your existing organizational strengths, with the flexibility to add only what you need. We offer both full-service and outsourced services to meet your organization where it is.

Our Leadership

Brian Knapp

Strategic Advisor

Barbara A. Myers, CAE


Jack Sammis


Melissa Tighe, CMP

Executive Vice President/CFO

Association Operations Team

Sarah Gillian

Vice President, Association Operations

Laura Singler

Director, Association Operations

Becky Nadora

Manager, Membership

Emily Ziemecki

Account Manager

Stephanie Madrigal, MS

Education & Program Manager

Clara Allen

Association Operations Manager

Anthony M. Condoluci-Smith

Manager, Finance and Administration

Event Solutions Team

Aesha Beattle, CMP

Vice President, Event Solutions

Vanessa Revlett, CMP

Account Director

Jamillah Duckett, CMP

Account Director

Housing Team

Nicole Barella

Vice President, Strategic Sourcing & Housing Solutions

Heather Cirrito

Housing and Account Specialist

Kirsten McGargill

Housing & Customer Experience Specialist

Marketing & Communications Team

Heather Ireland

Director, Marketing & Communications

Tori Holland-Sauerbrunn

Marketing Manager

Allison Winter

Marketing Manager

Meeting Contracting Team

Kristin Geiger

Senior Account Director

Denene Dirton

Account Director

Sarah Kennedy, CMP

Account Director

Christine Montgomery

Account Director

Leslie Patane

Account Director

Toni Kosaris

Senior Account Manager

Kaylee Lekki

Account Specialist

Kelsey Zuccari

Account Specialist